DTP-Expert is a professional forensic video investigation system - special software application dedicated to establishing of the circumstances of the crime scene including traffic accidents by video recordings analysis. Distance, time and speed are the most important parameters to be established during crime scene video evidence investigation.

The most important sub-tasks are different video formats playback, distortion compensation, geometric calculations, image overlaying.

All stages of video evidence investigation were taken into account during DTP-Expert development: geometric constructions, radial distortion compensation and image processing, planar view and object tracking functions are implemented in the system according the experts’ real case experience.

DTP-Expert performs and allows::

  • Play videos of various formats;
  • Set real time between frames and events;
  • Compensate the optical distortions of the video recording device optical system;
  • Set distances between objects and measure distances accordingly;
  • Place graphic objects over the frame image;
  • Build trajectories of movement;
  • Calculate the speed of objects;
  • Build 3D models of the recording scene with a given accuracy.



  • Forward and reverse playback of zoomed video images with and without interpolation;
  • Placement of geometric objects, primitives, axes along known distances in the frame;
  • Text signing of objects;
  • Setting reference distances;
  • Export of particular frames / sequence of frames, as well as their areas without loss of quality;
  • Image enhancement, object borders detection.


  • Detection of dropouts and repetitions of frames;
  • Accurate calculation of time intervals;
  • Automatic time stamp values recognition and its comparison to presentation time stamp (PTS) values;
  • Search for vanishing points, horizon lines;
  • Placing areas of previous frames over current frame as additional layer with adjustable transparency;
  • Building of perspective grids along the planes of the recording scene;
  • Building of non-linear axes by two known intervals or by one known interval and vanishing point;
  • Calculation of speed of objects along non-linear axes from frame to frame;
  • Building of complex trajectories and calculation of the speed of movement of objects along the trajectories;
  • Pixel profile analysis;
  • Planar display on a given perspective grid;
  • 3D modeling of the recording scene and objects in it;
  • Calculation of angles between straight lines in the recording scene;
  • Calculation of the selected image area brightness graph;
  • Distortion compensation including using camera calibration tools.

Supported formats

Display and frame positioning for all general video file formats: MPEG-4/QTFF (*.mp4, *.mpv, *.mov, *.3gp, *.3g2), ASF (*.wmv, *.asf), RIFF AVI (*.avi), Matroska (*.mkv), FLV (*.flv, *.swf), h264 (*.h264, *.264, *.psf, *.dav, *.avc), MPEG_PS ( *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.mod,*.vob), MPEG_TS (*.mts, *.m2ts), images (*.jpeg, *.bmp, *.png).


  • Unique video recording analysis technologies;
  • Establishment of video continuity and correspondence of the graphical time stamp to PTS;
  • Measurements along non-linear axes and planes built over objects reflected in the video sequence;
  • Calculation of objects speed along complex trajectories;
  • 3D modeling of the recording scene and objects in it with calibration of the image capture device;
  • Measurement of distances between objects within a 3D model.


The software is protected by
USB dongle;

Installation on multiple workstations is allowed;

The license
is lifetime.


Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 679-19-28

Moscow, st. 5th Kozhukhovskaya, 22, bldg. 1, 15A